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 SILENCED: Fresh Traditions Season XII 

Fresh Traditions is one of the many fashion shows presented in Minnesota's Fashion Week. Fresh Traditions is hosted by the Center For Hmong Arts & Talent organization. (Also know as CHAT) I was lucky enough to pass through the interview process and be chosen to showcase my Fall/Winter Ready to Wear collection in the 2018 Season XII show. Every year, Fresh Traditions presents a new theme to each season and this season's theme was called "Creating Waves." Each designer chosen must use this theme to create a collection of 5 to 8 looks, but one look must also follow there challenge piece. The challenge piece is to incorporate Hmong designs to keep the Hmong traditions alive. So, for the challenge piece, it must contain 5 of the different Hmong textiles used in Hmong traditional clothing. These fabrics include black velvet, black satin, blue satin, bright pink chiffon and bright green chiffon. It was an exciting and very intensive process being part of this show and I learn a lot of who I am as an designer. I will share my process and inside details of my SILENCED collection.

















I named this collection SILENCED because I wanted to represent all the Hmong American people who have been creating waves and determined to make an impact in their communities. I feel like many Hmong Americans struggle with their identity because of the cultural divide of the two worlds they fall in between. Many are taught to follow a certain way of life and to live a quiet life, but I've seen a huge group of creatives that have been boldly putting themselves out there but keeping it humble. I wanted to encourage the young creatives to explore their passions and that it's okay to choose their own path. To live confidently and humbly.

Down below are my mood and inspiration boards. I was very inspired by techwear fashion and the bold and almost militaristic style. To give it my pwn twist and to also challenge myself, I created a bright and colorful color palette to match traditional Hmong colors.   







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