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8th Avenue showcases minimalistic colors with trendy textiles, flirty yet masculine shapes, and business infused with sporty vibes. 8th Avenue was inspired by the many fashionistas hitting the streets every year for Fashion Week in NYC, Paris, Milan, and Seoul. This collection is aimed for a working women who loves to stay comfortable, but still desires to keep a professional look. I wanted to envision all these looks roaming through all urban cities all over the world and making the person feel comfortable, edgy, and confident. 


I really wanted to play with the idea that business clothing could also be stylish, comfortable, and edgy. Personally, I have been loving and following the athleisure trend that has been making it big these past few seasons. I also wanted to create a collection that could be easily be mixed and match with any wardrobe. I created a lot of basics, but also some very quirky pieces that I believe add interest and personality to the collection. 


Another element to this collection is the small details of bugs that can be seen throughout the collection. With the transition from Winter to Spring, I incorporate a very monochromatic color scheme to represent minimalism and colors worn throughout winter. To represent Spring, I added small bug details that add an element of fun and uniqueness. Butterflies can be seen on the front flap of the black leather bag paired with the black jacket and shorts outfit and also on the collar of the cropped white pleated sleeve button-up blouse. On the mesh ruffle of the black crewneck sweater, lay beaded fireflies. Interestedly enough, bugs have been spotted on the runways and I thought I would give it a little twist in my collection by representing the small bugs that come by during the Spring. 


I really hope you all enjoyed this collection! To be honest, I really want to rework this collection because of the time crunch and loss time, I wasn't able to fulfill my entire vision of this collection, but I'm just happy that I was able to showcase it at my last school fashion show. (P.S. there might be a vlog coming up about this collection and the whole fashion show process.)   

  8th Avenue: SPRING RTW '17  

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